Newborn Baby Sleep Nursing Pillow

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This kind of pillowcase is made of cotton, which is soft and comfortable to use, you can order for your baby.
This pillow could absorb sweat and is breathable, giving your baby a good sleep, you can use it without worries.
This pillow is stuffed with polyester which could give your baby a proper support when sleeping, helping to correct your baby’s sleeping posture.
This pillow is designed with a proper thickness about 3-5cm, could help to correct or fix the head posture when sleeping, avoiding harming baby’s neck.
This pillow is suit for most babies, and there are designed with different kinds of cartoon pictures on it, which is smart for children.
The pillowcase of the baby pillow is made of cotton, which is safe and soft to use, will not harm your baby’s skin, you can order without worries.
The baby sleep support could help to correct the sleeping posture of your baby, keeping their health.
The baby pillow is designed with proper size and thickness, suit for most babies, you can order according to your need.
The stuffed pillow is soft and comfortable to use, will not make your baby feel. uncomfortable, you can use without worrying about harming your baby.
This kind of cotton pillow could give your baby a good sleep, making them energetic at day.

Material: pillowcase: cotton 100%, stuffed: polyester 100%.
Color: show as pictures.
Size: 25*19cm,height: 3-5cm.

Package included:
1x pillow.