Alive Reef Safe SPF 30 Sunscreen

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Since 2014 Alive Reef Safe Sunscreen has pioneered a reef safe formula and delivered double benefits.
Powerful 20% non-nano Zinc Oxide is conservatively rated Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 to provide optimum protection.
Superior skin hydration is provided by our Marine Actives sea plant extracts with Alginic Acid, which is a natural hydration barrier.
The combination of Zinc Oxide and Alginic Acid minimizes drying and aging of the skin from UV and heat.
The 200-nanometer size particles avoid the risk of absorption in the body caused by smaller nanoparticles.
This all-natural sunscreen is water-resistant for longer protection, ultra-light silky texture, easy to apply, and has a disappearing clean tint.

Alive Sunscreen has earned the EWG top sunscreen rating of β€œ1” among recreational sunscreens.